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Once your plant is established, hosta care becomes a matter of simple maintenance. To keep your growing hostas healthy, fertilize them each spring with an all-purpose garden fertilizer. Additional summer fertilizing may be helpful, but not necessary. Granular fertilizers should never sit on the leaves. With the exception of crown rot and leaf rot, Hosta plants are relatively disease free. Deer find the tasty and if deer are a problem in your neighborhood, you might try planting daffodils around your hosta to keep them away from the emerging shoots. Another difficulty in hosta care is slugs, which leave unsightly holes in the leaves. A light scattering of sand around your plants will help keep them away. Hosta plants are a beautiful addition to any garden and fit well in a variety of spaces, ranging from a few inches to four feet across. Care of hostas is easy and now you’ve discovered the basics of how to grow hostas, you’ll find them a welcome addition to your yard Where to Plant Hostas Hostas are generally purchased as potted plants which means they can be planted any time during the growing season including summer and autumn as long as adequate moisture is provided. Work organic matter into the soil at the time of planting. Hosta prefer well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, but thrive even in our alkaline clay soil. If the hosta is root-bound in the container, tease the roots loose before planting. Use a root stimulator solution at the time of planting to encourage root growth, then mulch to a depth of 1" to 1-1/2". Keep the soil evenly moist for at least a couple of months or until the plant is established Foliage Options The range of hosta foliage color, shape, texture and size is extraordinary. Foliage colors include green, blue, white, gold and countless unique variegated combinations. Leaf shapes include circular, oval, heart and lance in both upright and symmetrical mounding habits. Leaf texture can be smooth, glossy, cupped, seer-suckered or rippled. Mature plant size ranges anywhere from 2" in height and 4" in width up to 36" in height and 60" (or more) in width. And if this range of options weren't sufficient, hosta also bloom in colors ranging from white to lavender to purple. Some varieties are even fragrant. With this range of choices you will find a hosta for almost every landscape situation and effect- from containers to edging to groundcover to background planting and specimen planting. Hostas are quite effective among other companion shade perennials and shrubs including astilbe, dicentra (bleeding heart), ferns, tiarella (foam flower), tradescantia (spiderwort) and hydrangea Designating any one plant the "perfect" perennial invariably provokes a lively debate among gardeners. However for gardening in the shade, one plant stands head and shoulders above the rest. Hostas are shade- tolerant, low maintenance, quite forgiving, incredibly elegant and, quite possibly, habit-forming. And they are currently the most popular perennial One of the reasons hostas are so loved is their ease of growth. Varieties range in hardiness a common misconception is that hostas want full, or complete, shade, but this is not actually the case. Hostas will not thrive at all in deep shade and most will do best when grown in an area with morning sun and shade in the afternoon. Sometimes shade is a difficult place for plants to thrive. Often those areas tend to be overly moist, or too dry due to the roots of the very trees providing the shade. Hostas will struggle with both of these conditions. Build the soil up so your hostas are not planted in standing water, but do provide ample water (and mulch!) to hostas, especially if planted under trees.
Common Name : Hosta Blooming Season : May - July Plant Habit : Clump forming Water : Medium Position : Shade, dappled shade Height : 6-36 inches
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