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If you have a hot, baked spot, lantana is your answer. This hard-working plant will not only thrive with little moisture and in full, unyielding sun, it does so with ease. In fact, lantana is a flower that seems to have it all it produces an abundance of brightly coloured flowers all summer and Autumn and it's a magnet for butterflies. It's easy to grow and is a great choice for containers. Plus, if you have a very sunny spot indoors, you can grow it as a stunning indoor plant. In frost-free climates, it's a great perennial groundcover, as well. Light: Sun Plant Type: Annual, Perennial Plant Height: To 4 feet tall Plant Width: To 4 feet wide Bloom Time: Blooms summer to frost, depending on variety Landscape Uses: Containers, Beds & Borders, Slopes, Groundcover Special Features: Flowers, Fragrant, Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant, Deer Resistant, Easy to Grow Characteristics of Lantana Plants: Known for their hemispherical clusters of small, bright-coloured flowers (see picture above right), lantana plants can reach 6' high (with a spread of 8') The flowers may be yellow, orange, white, red and purple, and often colours are mixed within the same cluster. Most people dislike the smell of lantana flowers, but the aroma of their foliage qualifies them as fragrant plants, The leaves smell, in fact, like citrus. Lantana plants are salt-tolerant, and they're drought-tolerant once established. Wildlife Attracted by Lantana Plants: Butterflies are attracted to lantana plants, making them a staple of butterfly gardens. Lantana plants also attract Bees and Hawk Moths Sun and Soil Requirements for Lantana Plants: Lantana plants like full sun and tolerate poor soils.
More on Lantana Lantana plants are sometimes called "verbena bushes", although nurseries selling them in hanging baskets do make a distinction between Lantana plants and Verbena. The brightly coloured masses of flowers on Lantana plants, also known as Spanish Flag, are difficult to resist. Why have one or two Lantanas, when you can have an entire array of their showy blooms. .
Scientific Name : Lantana camara Common Name : Lantana Blooming Season : Spring, Summer Plant Habit : Upright Water : Medium Position : Full Sun Height : 36inches
Lantana Camara are in many different colours from white to deep red
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Lantana’s are sold in 1ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr, and 10ltr pots