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West Country Lupins We only stock West Country Lupins they are a superior variety. They are a clump forming perennial that produces stout, erect stems to 1 metre tall with 9 to 17 lanceolate leaves and exotic showy, colourful pea-flowers in summer. How to grow Lupin You can grow Lupins in either a sunny or partially shaded part of the garden that has good drainage. Lupins prefer to grow in a moist soil that is slightly acidic to neutral. Once established Lupinus members are fairly easy to look after. They require a regular watering and the Lupin flowers should be dead headed regularly. It is best to feed them with a fertilizer rich in phosphorous and low in nitrogen. When growing perennials cut the flower stalks down to the base once the flowering season is over. If you require more perennial Lupinus plants then they can be propagated by division or from cuttings in the spring.
Scientific Name : Lupinus Common Name : Lupin Blooming Season : Spring, Summer Plant Habit : Upright Water : Medium Position : Sun Height : 30inches
West Country Lupin Blossom
West Country Lupin Casmire Cream
West Country Lupin Gladiator
West Country Lupin Mahatten Lights
West Country Lupin Masterpiece
West Country Lupin Persian Slipper
West Country Lupin Polar Princes
West Country Lupin Salmon Star
West Country Lupin Tequila Flame
West Country Lupin Towering Inferno
West Country Lupins have an excellent selection of Lupin plants availible from us or through their website Lupins grow best on well drained soil that is not too rich. They prefer acid soil, if you have weak lupins or yellow leaves this may be caused by too much lime, apply sequestrine or an acid loving treatment. Plant lupins out when the plants are young, this means that they can put down a good root system. They grow best in an open position away from trees. After the flowers have faded remove them and don't let the plant produce lots of seeds, this helps to keep the energy in the parent plant and prevents self seeding. Don't cut the plants back hard after flowering, they can take months to recover. Lupins can be divided in the spring, DO NOT divide in the autumn as this will kill the plants. Pests and Diseases The tender shoots of lupins are attractive to slugs so young plants will need protection. If you get a second set of flowers in September then they are often attacked by aphids. Lupins can be affected by powdery mildew, remove the infected leaves and burn them.
West Country Lupin Desert Sun
West Country Lupin Rachel De Thame
West Country Lupin Beefeater
We only sell West Country Lupins in all the colour’s shown, they are in 5ltr and 10 ltr pots and are mature plants These plants are bigger, more exotic, stronger than most other varieties and will be large enough to be planted into their final position in your border Online plants are supplied in 9cm or 1ltr pots
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West Country Lupin Terracotta
West Country Lupin King Canute