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Penstemon’s are a hardy perennial that like full sun or part shade & fertile, well drained soil. Cut back the old foliage each spring.  Penstemon’s are easy to grow in any fertile, reasonably moist, free-draining soil. Planting Is best done from mid- to late spring. Enrich the soil with about a bucketful of well-rotted organic matter and 70g per sq m (2oz per sq yd)balanced general-purpose fertiliser to aid good establishment. Alpine and shrubby Penstemon’s need relatively infertile soils, so no improvement is needed. Allow 45cm (18in)plants. Watering Well-established plants in medium to heavy soils should be seldom needed, but plants growing in light, free-draining soils might need watering every two weeks in dry spells. Deadheading Removing spent flowering spikes helps promote a long season of flowering. Pruning Penstemon’s can become woody and leggy if they are not pruned annually. Trim them once the hard, winter weather is over (usually in late April or early May); until then old stems provide valuable frost protection for the new shoots. Growing tips  Never cut penstemons down in the autumn. Leave all the growth intact and wait until late April or early May. Hardiness is a problem with most varieties, however, more are killed by winter wet than severe temperatures, so if your garden has heavy clay soil always plant in spring or summer and add coarse grit. You could also choose a well-drained slope or create a raised bed. Penstemons thrive in sunny positions and tolerate dry conditions.
Scientific Name : Penstemon Common Name : Penstemon Blooming Season : Summer Plant Habit : Upright Water : Medium  Position : Sun Height : 12-36 inches
Penstemon Amelia
Penstemon Czar
Penstemon Vanila Plum
Penstemon Firebird
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