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A dependable hardy perennial, with excellent architectural qualities. Varies in height and form, from low spreading mat forming plants too large tall specimens. It has a long flowering period from mid-summer onwards and will often flower longer if dead headed. Greek tradition claims that Achillea originally sprang from the blood of the hero Achilles, who was killed at the siege of Troy Achillea is a summer flowering herbaceous plant with lovely delicate flowers and light, feathered foliage. Achillea mixes easily with other plants and so looks good in a mixed border with the added bonus of being easy to grow. Achillea has lovely range of colours some of which are illustrated although there are also some bold coloured Achilleas such as A. 'Golden plate' which is a strong bright yellow Of all the summer flowering plants Achillea is great value, long flowering, lovely colours and easy to grow Achillea are herbaceous which means that they will die back completely in the winter leaving bare earth. Achillea require no pruning or attention and are generally pest free. Longer term maintenance is that Achillea need to be divided every three years or so Planting and Growing Achillea Easy to grow herbaceous plant that likes any well-drained garden soil. Plant in full sun or semi-shade. Tolerates dry conditions. Do not plant in soil that can become waterlogged
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Scientific Name : Achillea Common Names : Common yarrow Devil's nettle Blooming Season : Summer Plant Habit : Upright Water : Medium Position : Sun Height : 24inches
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