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Scientific Name Tanacetum coccineum Common Name Painted Daisy/ Pyrethrum Sun Exposure Full Sun or Partial Shade Soil Type Normal, Sandy or Clay Blooming Time Late Spring to Early Summer Height 75-90 cm 15-24 inches Spread 45-60 cm 18-23 inches Deer Resistant Rabbit Resistant
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Tanacetum (Pyrethrum)
This mixture of large, vibrant daisies will range from white, to pink, to red. The stunning blooms are perfect for cutting and will provide a brilliant show in late spring to summer Attractive, fine textured foliage and a range of colors make growing painted daisies an asset to any garden. When planting painted daisy perennials, plan the location where they can afford protection to more vulnerable plants. For instance, you can include this multi-tasking flower in the vegetable garden, along with nasturtiums and marigolds, to diminish insect damage. Painted daisy growing tips include planting in a well-drained soil in a full sun to part shade location. Start from seeds four to six weeks before your last frost date or by division of existing plants in early spring or fall. Allow room for plants to spread from 18 to 24 inches. Painted daisy care includes pinching back in spring when stems are 6 to 8 inches tall, promoting bushiness and a fuller plant. As summer blooms fade, cut the plant back for more blooms in autumn to help protect autumn garden crops. One of nature's most valuable plants. The Painted Red Daisy can’t be beaten for cutting, with elegant, frond-type foliage that shows off the brilliant blooms in June and July. Cuttings last three to four times longer than roses, for example. Pyrethrum extract is used to make organic insecticides with almost instant knock-down. Since most insects can't tolerate flowering pyrethrum, it helps to keep your garden pest free. Doubly remarkable is that the Painted Red Daisy only affects harmful insects, not other plant or animal life!
Tanacetum Robinson's Red
Tanacetum Robinson's Pink
Tanacetum Balsamita
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