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Scientific Name: Veronica longifolia Common Name: Speedwell Blooming Season: Summer Plant Habit: Upright Water: Medium Exposure: Sun Height: 18-20 inches (46-51 cm) Width: 18-20 inches (46-51 cm) This sun-loving perennial is known for its easy care. You can expect additional blooming power later in the season if the flowers are sheered back. 'Veronica' speedwell is an upright, clump-forming, compact perennial, reaching just 15 inches in height, with a similar spread. These Veronica flowers bloom in late spring to early summer. But you can enjoy the flower spikes throughout the summer with proper care (see below). Grow these perennials in a sunny area with a loamy, well-drained soil. Although they are drought-resistant plants once mature, you must water them regularly while they are young. Even as older plants, they will bloom better when given a moderate amount of water. Care for Veronica Flowers Deadhead the flowers to extend the blooming season. The easiest way to accomplish this, if you have several speedwell plants growing together, is by shearing, so that you can remove many blossoms all at once. Do not go out of your way to remove a large amount of foliage during the shearing, but do not stress out over being especially careful to avoid it, either. A bonus in shearing is that you can easily remove any ratty-looking upper leaves in the process. Uses in Landscaping, Wildlife Attracted to Veronica Flowers Because of its decent drought-tolerance once established, 'Veronica' speedwell is a good choice for use in rock gardens. Many gardeners use it as a low plant in a perennial flower border. Veronica flowers are plants that attract butterflies and bees. But gardeners in deer country are lucky, because speedwell is a deer-resistant perennial (it tends not to suffer from rabbit damage, either). Outstanding Feature Veronica speedwell plants boast bunches of attractive flowers over a long period of time, with proper care. Compact and hardy, they offer a colorful display while asking for little in return in the way of care. Many gardeners do not even fertilise their speedwell plants much (perhaps fertilising it some years, but not in others); yet they typically bloom well year in and year out in spite of the neglect.
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